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What's the Best Way to Remove Unwanted Hair?

Let's face it: appearance is important. We work out, we eat right… we do whatever it takes to look our very best. But when it comes to removing unwanted or unsightly hair, we're faced with an array of less-than-satisfactory options. Rashes, cuts and heavier hair growth are just a few of the effects we encounter when using traditional hair removal methods while some of the more permanent alternatives can be extremely painful and overly expensive.

Which method is right for you?


Perhaps the most common method of removing unwanted hair, shaving is an inexpensive and relatively painless method for temporary hair removal. Hair is shaved off at skin-level using a razor and soap or shaving cream and, with the exception of accidental nicks and cuts, is easy to do and pain free. The drawback to shaving is that it doesn't last very long. Hair that is shaved typically grows back quickly, sometimes in 24 hours or less. Shaving can also cause “razor burn”, an itchy and sometimes painful rash.


Most commonly used for eyebrows, plucking is a quick and inexpensive way to remove stray strands of hair. Each hair is grasped with tweezers and then plucked from the skin. Hair that is plucked takes longer to grow back than hair that is shaved, but plucking can be painful and can obviously be a tedious process, making it appropriate only on very small areas where you find a stray hair or two.


Similar to plucking, waxing can be a fairly painful form of hair removal since it pulls the hair out at the root. Hot or cold wax is layered over the hair directly onto the skin and then covered with a thin strip of gauze-like material. The hair and wax are pressed onto the gauze then ripped away, taking the wax and much of the hair with it. Waxing is a suitable hair removal method for larger areas such as the legs and back as well as more delicate areas like the bikini line and a woman's upper lip. Hair that has been removed with wax takes longer to grow back and usually comes in lighter and finer than before, but waxing can be painful, especially in more tender areas and can cause minor irritation and swelling.


A more permanent method of hair removal, electrolysis injects low electrical currents directly into the hair follicle through a needle. This method of hair removal is appropriate for almost every area of the body but be forewarned: electrolysis is often painful and can cause minor scarring. The process can take hours, especially on larger areas and frequently requires more than one visit. Electrolysis is also one of the most expensive methods of hair removal and can cost several thousands of dollars depending upon the number of treatments needed.

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Laser Hair Removal
There's been a lot of talk about laser hair removal lately. Touted as the next best thing since sliced bread, lasers have found a home in a variety of new applications, including hair removal.

Yet, although laser hair removal usually lasts longer than what you might see from shaving and depilatory creams, it's not a permanent solution. Laser hair removal is said to be “long-lasting”, but even that isn't guaranteed.

Laser hair removal works when hairs are in their growth stage. Since hairs grow differently, several visits are required to catch all the hairs in this optimum stage. Each one of these visits can average $500 or more depending upon the area of skin you want to treat, making lazer hair removal an extremely expensive alternative.

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