Permanent Hair Removers

Permanent Hair Removers


Permanent Hair Removers

Tired of traditional hair removers?

That's no surprise. Shaving, depilatory creams.. most hair removers offer minimal results and a life-long commitment. Then there's waxing. Ouch. Let's not even talk about waxing.

So what can you do?

If you're like most, you've turned your sights on finding permanent hair removers that can take care of the hair once and for all. The problem is there's not a big selection of permanent hair removers out there. Lasers are fairly popular but, just between us, they're not permanent. In fact, until recently there was only one truly permanent hair remover: electrolysis.

Goodbye Hair, Hello Needles

Electrolysis can definitely remove the hair. Little electrical shocks are injected into each hair follicle through a needle, killing the hair root and preventing regrowth. But as permanent hair removers go, that's not really much of an option.

For starters, your skin wasn't meant to be punctured continuously. It hurts. It's irritating. And it can cause serious scarring. Not much of a trade-off for that unwanted hair, is it?

Electrolysis is also extremely expensive. Those needle injections require a considerable amount of time typically well beyond one visit and can easily cost you a few thousand dollars depending upon the area you want to treat.

So what's the alternative?

All Permanent Hair Removers Were Not Created Equal

What if you could enjoy permanent hair removal without the pain and scarring? No needles, no injections and no drain on your wallet? Wouldn't that be an option worth pursuing?

Finally Free can give you that option. A ground-breaking permanent hair removal system, Finally Free's radio wave technology instantly eliminates the need for lengthy electrolysis visits as well as the life-time commitment to shaving, waxing and other temporary hair removal methods.

Unlike electrolysis, Finally Free is a permanent hair remover that targets the root of each hair with a low-frequency radio wave, disabling the root and preventing the hair from growing back. It doesn't use needles or electrical shock. There's no scarring or painful applications to contend with either. Instead, Finally Free utilizes a safe, low-frequency radio wave that penetrates the hair follicle without puncturing the skin.


A Permanent Hair Removal System That Works

Finally Free's specially-designed application system delivers the radio waves to the root of the hair, allowing it to slide out easily and painlessly. The kit comes with two application methods: tweezers for those small areas of hair and a larger patch application to tackle the bigger jobs.

Let's face it: permanent hair removers are not all alike. Finally Free is the first and only hair remover that can give you long-lasting permanent results without the pain and expense that comes with electrolysis. And the best part? You can use it in the comfort of your own home.

If you're ready to try the best in permanent hair removers, Finally Free is for you. Click the link to find out how you can get your own Finally Free hair removal system.